Innovative design and concept advantages

The Scope I.E.A. (Instant Energy Absorption) technology is a new generation of energy absorption for fall protection in permanent line systems. This innovation was initially introduced in the DP post for roof line systems and today is an integral part of all the permanent line systems of Hütter.

The technology is unique and efficient in the way it limits the forces in case of a fall since it provides instant energy absorption. In case of a fall, the anchors deform absorbing energy immediately, change position to reduce the torque and force amplification in the supporting structure and activate an internal mechanism to absorb the remaining energy of the fall. The result of this process is a short deflection, a minimum force transferred to the supporting structure to avoid damages in case of a fall and higher safety for users.

The Scope technology provides customers the possibility of positioning line systems with larger distances in between intermediate support points resulting in lower prices in terms of material and installation.

Scope DP ankerpunt doorsnede render

Additional SCOPE advantages:

  • Superior safety for integrity of the
    supporting structures and the
  • Suitable for all types of structures
  • Easy and fast installation on the
    surface of structures
  • Patented and aesthetic design
  • Available in your choice of colour
  • High level of user friendliness and
  • Long life cycle